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Downloading Latest Source Code for BriefFiniteElement.NET

There are two methods for downloading latest source code from codeplex. one is to directly download the zip file that contains code and other one is to use visual studio built in GIT to download or update existing source code on your system.
Using visual studio GIT have advantages over direct zip download and that is every time you want to update existing code, it is not needed to download whole new version. Only differences will be downloaded automatically by GIT also you can revert updates i think :D

Download using visual studio built in git

Open a new instance of Visual Studio (i'm using vs express 2013)
From VIEW menu click the "Team Explorer" and and a pan named "Team Explorer - Connect" will be shown.

click on "Clone \/", insert "" in first field and define where you want the code to be downloaded in second field. this example is downloading code to "D:\codes\BFEMNET". and finally hit the "Clone" button.

after downloading finished, you can open solution file from where you have download it "H:\Codes\BFEMNET". And when you open .sln file with visual studio, you should see small lock icons beside all files and projects.

For updating the code, got to team explorer, open downloaded repository, click "Unsynced Commits" and click "Sync" button. it will automatically updates the code. but if you had edited codes of library inside your computer (like fixing bugs!) you may loose your codes.

Direct download

For downloading latest source code of BriefFiniteElement.NET first you have to go to the project homepage at, then go to "SOURCE CODE" tab, then select the branch ('master' is selected by default, there is also another named RigidElement) and click on the Download button as illustrated below:

BriefFiniteElement.Net - Home - Mozilla Firefox copy.png
BriefFiniteElement.Net - Source Code - Mozilla Firefox.png

The text that is marked with green line below of it is showing the time of last update in project source code. After clicking on the Download button, you'll receive a zip file that contains latest and full source code of BriefFiniteElement.NET.

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