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Support For Itterative Solver


Copied from here: originally written by wo80

I'm not familiar with structural analysis using FEM, but I guess your matrices are always spd? You should consider using iterative solvers like cg and make the whole solving process more configurable to the user. I've used your benchmark application testing cholesky vs. cg:
        Grid Size:      15x15x15
        Element Count:  9450
        Node Count:     3375
        DoF Count:      20250
On my machine, cholesky takes ~20sec, while cg converges in ~2sec. Here's the code:

I've added the Solver namespace, the only classes that changed are Model and StaticLinearAnalysisResult. I haven't cared to make this accessible to the user. To change the solver type, open StaticLinearAnalysisResult and find the lines
//ISolver<double> solver = new PCG(new SSOR());
ISolver<double> solver = new DirectSolver();
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