Build Errors


When trying to build the source from commit 5bec714f81cf4908108bfbbe59f09482e706146f or aecdc448dc542e310bfe04bbbec667ec59309516, the current latest commits on the CodePlex and GitHub versions of BFE, I get the following error:
Error 13 The tag 'ModelVisualizerControl' does not exist in XML namespace 'clr-namespace:BriefFiniteElementNet.Controls;assembly=BriefFiniteElementNet.Controls'. Line 13 Position 10. X:...BFE.Net\BriefFiniteElementNet.SimpleUI\MainWindow.xaml 13 10 BriefFiniteElementNet.SimpleUI
When I try to install using the VisualStudio NuGet Package Manager, I get:
Operation Failed: The element package\metadata\references\group must contain at least one <reference> child element.
Could you please provide more detailed instructions on how to build BFE from source, or provide a stable release in the form of .dll's that can be referenced, or provide a stable NuGet package?

Closed Mar 2 at 4:50 AM by epsi1on
seems the problem is fixed.


aurimasmb wrote Mar 1 at 8:48 PM

Fixed when compiling using Visual Studio 2015!
(Also needed to add in a few missing references)