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Problem with Plate Bending Stress on triangle

I created some TriangleFlatShell Elements with the behaviour FlatShellBehaviour.DrillingDof. The deformation is very simular in comparsion to Ansys. But I got very different bending stresses. The s...

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Frame Element with both ends fixed

why I cannot solve a beam with both ends fixed? Ability to solve models with no free DoF.

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Implementation of nonuniform beam

Implement nonuniform beam (both stiffness and mass matrix) based on (one of) attached documents

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Maximum bending moment

Add proper methods to loads and 1D elements to find out the maximum of specific component of internal force (like My or Mz) at element length directly. Original post from alitorabi (link) Actual...

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Torsional constant for noncircular sections

Sorry for late reply; There's no explicit formula for any section with known set of coordinates. Integration over a finite element meshed section will find it. Meanwhile, this pdf contains a ful...

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