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Model can be checked for errors and warnings before solve process. To do this Model.CheckForErrors() should be called. it will write errors in the Model.Trace member. To see result, you should first add a TraceListener to Model.Trace() like this (in this case WpfTraceListener is a ITraceListener)

var wnd = WpfTraceListener.CreateModelTrace(model);

will show errors and warning like this:
Model Trace Listener.png

in this case element with label 'e1' (Target) have warning. the Error ID is MA10000 ,you can find the description on Error message list which is:


Cause: The FrameElement2Node.Geometry is setted but FrameElement2Node.UseOverridedProperties is equals to true.
Situation Description: There are two distinct ways to define geometrical properties (like area and moment of area) for a FrameElement2Node instance. first is to set any or all of these properties:

FrameElement2Node.A (the area in m2)
FrameElement2Node.Ay (the y shear area in m2)
FrameElement2Node.Az (the z shear area in m2)
FrameElement2Node.Iy (the Iy in m4)
FrameElement2Node.Iz (the Iz in m4)
FrameElement2Node.J (the J in m4)

>>and second way to define geometrical properties is to set FrameElement2Node.Geometry property and geometrical properties will automatically calculated. If want to use FrameElement2Node.Geometry instead of A,Ay, etc, then FrameElement2Node.UseOverridedProperties should be set to false which is not now. It may cause unexpected errors in analyzing the model.
And HelpLink will redirect to page that contains information about the error

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