This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

  • 2 Noded truss element
  • 2 Noded frame element (beam + truss) also can consider shear deformations
  • 3 Noded Plate bending and Membrane element (Documentation)
  • linear spring element (Documentation)
  • 4 Noded 3d solid element (Tetrahedron)
  • Rigid Element (Documentation - Example)
  • Uniform constant line load for frame and truss element
  • Uniform constant surface load for plate and membrane
  • Uniform constant body load for Tetrahedron element
  • Concentrated load on frame element's body
  • Concentrated nodal load (force or moment)
Numerical Computing:
  • Using CRS (Compressed Row Storage) for stiffness matrix for optimum performance and memory size
  • Direct (Cholesky) and Iterative (conjugate Gradient) solvers
  • Using CSparse.NET project as numeric engine.
Miscellaneous Features:
  • 100% Managed code written in C#
  • Static and linear analysis (nonlinear analysis is not implemented yet)
  • Support load case and load combination for analysis
  • Partial end release for frame element (simply supported beam)
  • Optional 0 to 6 DoFs per node
  • Considering initial displacements (settlements)
  • Full or partial restrains supported (inclined or skewed supports not supported)
  • Available for .NET 3.5 Client Profile and higher
  • Not guaranteed to be thread safe
  • Model can be stored and recovered from files and streams
  • Cheking model for errors before analyse
  • Rigid Element
  • XML Documentation of library

There are also several planned features (I'll try to work on project until these features be implemented):
  • Creation of damp matrix
  • Modal Analysis (with eigen values)
  • Linear time history analysis
  • Making all public classes CLS Compliant
  • Supporting Non .NET cpu and gpu equation solver systems (like Intel MKL, CUSparse etc)
  • Add MATLab interface

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